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Gupta Coal India is acknowledged for its processing and selling of excellent quality of metallurgical coal, sourced directly from both surfaces as well as underground mine operations. Gupta Coal has been pioneering the manufacturing of low volatile and high-quality industrial coal, possessing robust coking properties, making it an ideal raw material for steel industries. The coal here is washed using few trusted methods like the jig, cyclone, shaking tables, or the most important, froth floatation.


Coal is ideally encountered to be the paramount lord in the industrial development phase of India. The power or the steel sector is particularly seeing its evolution for ages while holding this energy source as its anchor. The electricity production graph is seeing a dramatic projection that might make a significant edge in energizing industrialization.


Gupta Coal India Pvt Ltd ventured into the power drilling and generation to establish chains that would help both the conventional and non-conventional energy source developments to utilize the services they dispense. We are setting out to proceed towards the development of the country’s backbone as transporters.


Logistics being one of the most integral parts of Indian industries, it had to be ventured upon. Gupta Coal Washeries Pvt Ltd had laid down their seamless services for them to get trusted and rewarded with developmental contracts, notable among them being the very prestigious Rail and Road Terminal at MIHAN, Nagpur.


Along with these, Gupta Coal Nagpur had all been set and expanded themselves to successfully develop the Civil Lines. The magnanimity of the six-storeyed structured malls built by us speaks of our passion and dedication while we render the services. Operating under the name of “Gupta Towers”, we make our presence well understood in the infrastructure division.


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Frequently asked questions

Find quick answers to common questions using our helpful FAQs.

1. What are the products of Gupta Coal?

Gupta Coal India provides the best in class quality of metallurgical coal under the categories of Coking Coal, Semi Coking Coal, Non-Coking Coal, Beneficiated Coal, Middlings, Rejects, CIL/LTC Coke, Coal/ Coke Fines, Tar, Heavy Oil, Light Oil or Soft Pitch.

2. What are the industries do they offer their services to?

They serve a plethora of industries like Power, Captive Power, Railways, Steel, Cement, Aluminum and Paper Industries, Glass, Ceramic, Chemical, or Defence industry.

3. What are the benefits of e-Auction?

Among many benefits that come along with the services of e-Auction, transparency in the procedures is the main. Every type of customer gets equally treated, buyers also get to choose the standard and gradation of coal they want to procure and they can buy it sitting anywhere in the country. Also, there is no quota or avenue to deposit any money for registering before purchase.

4. Where will the customer get an e-Auction schedule from?

The e-Auction schedules will eventually be available with the respective websites of the coal companies. Prior intimation will be prompted on the website of Gupta Coal India Pvt Ltd.

5. How will a customer purchase coal?

Customers will be supplied coal by Gupta Coal Washeries Pvt Ltd through FSA. Specific industries will get delivered according to governmental orders. Or it can be acquired through LOAs.

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